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Probate House Clearance for Kent and South East

Sadly many house clearances occur as a result of bereavement. The removal and resale of possessions can be a difficult and complex time. Even more worrying are matters of Probate and Inheritance Tax. At Kent Recycle  we offer a discreet and swift probate house clearance service that should help alleviate some of these worries.


Probate Clearance Quote and Advice

We are able to advise on the best way to proceed with all parts of the probate process. You can call us on 07857856744, or simply contact us via email at  
When the probate process is completed we are able to remove the remaining belongings, which will be reused or recycled where possible. It is important to know that with a huge task such as organising a loved-ones’ belongings there is a swift, professional probate clearance service available.


We work directly with many kent based, Solicitors and Estate Agents making us a trusted choice when dealing with inheritance and probate matters. Our previous customers recommend us and we have carried out many probate clearances for customers.


Holding Hands

Pick a convenient day for you and we at Kent Recycle  will be at the address supplied and are there to make your job a little easier and allow you to be as involved or as removed from the job of probate clearance as possible.

Probate is the procedure that allows someone to take control of the estate of a deceased person. The legal procedure is briefly outlined below to show the process, and identify the places where we can help.


Executors and administrators of a will have the right to apply to the Court for a Grant of Probate, and in order to be able to apply to the Court, the deceased’s estate must be valued for inheritance tax purposes.


The deceased’s entire estate is valued based on an open market valuation and we provide a probate valuation service prior to the house clearance. This includes valuation of the house, property, personal belongings and possessions, known as “chattels” , i.e. those possessions contained in a property which are not part of the fabric of a building. An executor or administrator is required to provide an estimate of the total value of the chattels to calculate the tax liability. Chattels include furniture but not fixtures such as radiators attached to the walls as these are considered part of the fabric of the building.


Once valued, details are submitted to HM Revenue and Customs and the Probate Registry in order to obtain the Grant of Probate. This Grant of Probate allows the executors or administrators to deal with the deceased’s money, affairs, investments and property. Any outstanding debts owed by the deceased and the balance of any inheritance tax must be paid before money, investments and / or property can be distributed by the executors or administrators. Sometimes, although a named executor, some people are not prepared to deal with certain aspects of bereavement. We are one company that can help in this regard.

If you have to travel a large distance to a probate house clearance in Kent or the South East, then Kent Recycle  may be able to help by undertaking the house clearance on your behalf. We operate quickly and in most instances complete a clearance within a day. Our fully insured and professional company has many years’ experience in probate house clearances and have built up a strong client base around Kent, East Sussex and the South East.

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